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Today I had my second date with Michael. It was really wonderful! I’m still having a hard time adjusting to it all. I get so nervous, that I tighten up and conversation goes to shit, and I seem extremely boring. 

I had everything planned perfectly. Lunch at noon and movies at 3:30. I made the reservations at the restaurant, bought the tickets, scoped everything out.

We had the most amazing lunch and then walked around and talked for about two hours. We made our way to the theater…

(haha it was so funny, he wanedt to pay for lunch and I said no, that I would take care of it. He said that he had the movie. Little did he know, I already had the tickets. He was so pissed lol but it was cute)

Then we sat in the back corner of the theater, which was perfect! We sat there for about 30 minutes before either one of us moved. God, I wanted to hold his hand soooo bad! I layed my hand across the arm rest and my fingers ended up landing on his knee. I took this opportunity to easy my way into it. He placed his hand closer to mine, and I went for it! We held hands, rubbed each others fingers, arms, hand, even thighs. Then he rested his head against my shoulder, and I the same. God, it was the most wonderful feeling. That lasted for about 2 hours lol.

The movie finished and we went outside and chatted a little more. He stared into my eyes and I knew that it was coming. I was so freaking nervous! I leaned in and he leaned in and our lips touched, I puckered (heard that little suction sound).

And that was it! It felt like forever… but his lips were sweet and perfect and soft. He was such a gentleman and kind. Ugh! Just perf.

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I should stop I could go on forever date
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